Roadside Services Offered By Kings Towing and Service in Western Avenue
, Knoxville

Kings Towing and Service is most known for their towing services. However, in addition to this, they offer roadside assistance in the Western Avenue, Knoxville area. If you ever find yourself stranded on the side of the road, we can be there to help and assist you. Here are a few of the common roadside services that we offer.

Lock Outs

If you are busy unloading groceries or taking your kids out of the car, you may set your keys down and then forget they are there. You may lock the doors and shut them, locking your keys inside. When you go to use your vehicle next, you may look all over for your keys, only to discover they are inside the car. When this happens, don’t worry. We can help to open your door again, allowing you to get your keys and be on your way.

Jump Start

If you go to start your car and your car won’t start, you may need a jump start. A jump start transfers battery power from a working car battery to your battery that may be drained. This gives it enough juice to start. As you run your car, the battery should naturally charge, ensuring you won’t have to jump it again. But if it does need to be jumped every time you turn the car off, your battery or alternator needs to be replaced. If your battery won’t start, give us a call and we will get it going for you.

Tire Change

No one wants to encounter a flat tire. But if you do, you do not have to replace the tire on your own. We can put on your spare tire for you, allowing you the ability to drive to an tire repair or replacement shop. This can save you time and prevents you from getting dirty.

Fuel Delivery

When your fuel light comes on, you need to get gas. But some of us have gotten into a situation where gas isn’t around or we thought we could make it a bit farther than we could. If your fuel light comes on and a few miles later your car sputters and dies, you have run out of gas. But instead of walking to a gas station, call us and we can deliver fuel right to you.
If you find yourself in need of any of roadside service, let Kings Towing and Service, serving the greater Western Avenue, Knoxville
, area help. We can help get you off the side of the road and back on the road again.

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